Bachelor of Science @ Evangel University from 1999-2002

  • Bachelor of Science. Major: Computer Science. Concentration: Mathematics. GPA: 3.8.

  • Classes were taught in/with C++, VB6, and Assembler.

Computation Before College

  • First memory of computing was gaming on a C64, where a trivial experience with BASIC was just part of the environment.

  • With DOS (from 3 to 6), primarily for support of playing more games, I learned basics of computer operations, file systems, environment configuration.

  • Learned QBASIC, and later rudimentary Assembly; learned several graphics editors, and used POVRay to create simple renderings; used hex editors, and the introduction of Windows 3.1 -- all of which blur together now, along with the introduction to "E-mail" and "the Internet".

  • In high school, took classes on QBASIC and PASCAL.