Joel Elliott

Computer Programmer


Developing excellent software to solve problems.

As of now (in 2024), I have 19 years of experience in cross-platform application development for corporations. I have an unending interest in learning, and already have experience literally from front-end to back-end (HTML to SQL database optimization) and from A to Z (Assembler to z/OS). I look forward to gaining new knowledge and experiences whatever is next.

For a quick overview of my past experiences, I have maintained systems written before I was born, helped with a migration to a whole new policy administration system, added logging infrastructure, and developed new applications. More details are listed below. 

But first, some points I want to highlight, on a more philosophical level. If these things seem obvious, we will probably get along well; if they seem interesting, they are hopefully a good topic we can discuss. But if the leadership at a company disagrees with these, then that is a red-flag for me working there, best brought out up-front rather than months after taking a position.

Senior Developer @ EXL starting 2022

Primarily developed integrations of a Life Insurance policy administration system, to fit the needs of clients' existing systems.

Wrote many "extracts", basically advanced queries of policy data, iterating through many changes in requirements. These included extracts which are centered on policy data, agent commissions, accounting, etc.

Co-developed an application to ingesting agency data maintained in an external system.

Co-developed a structure to customize print-data more easily than the existing approach, appending elements pulled directly from the policy database.

Started an internal wiki to help internal documentation be easier and more collaborative.

Worked with Microsoft SQL Server, git, C#, communicating with MS Teams, Jira/Atlassian, and of course email.

Lead Programmer Analyst @ American National from 2004 - 2022

Web/Open Technologies

Microsoft Platforms

Mainframe Technologies

Soft Skills